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chardonnay ratafia champenois in Monthelon by Champagne Julien Chopin

Ratafia champenois Chardonnay

Chardonnay Blending : 100% Chardonnay Ageing in oak barrel : 5 years The Blending 100% Chardonnay gives to this Ratafia Champenois unique characteristics such as a bright yellow color and freshness. It also symbolizes a revolution in the making process of Ratafia. The first nose brings a note… Read More »Ratafia champenois Chardonnay

Producteur de champagne à Monthelon, le Champagne Julien Chopin produit également du ratafia champenois Meunier

Ratafia champenois Meunier

Meunier Blending : 100% Meunier Ageing in oak barrel : 3 years This Ratafia is unusual by its colour and aromas. It is far from the usual fruity flavours. It has a deep mahogany color with copper reflections. The nose confirms the color richness and maturity. We can… Read More »Ratafia champenois Meunier

Ratafia presque champenois Pinot Noir élaboré à Monthelon

Ratafia Pinot Noir

Pinot noir Blending : 100% Pinot noir in maceration system Ageing in oak barrel : 2 or 3 years The purple colour of this ratafia is intense. Extremely deep, the colour is also ponctuates with red refections. The first olfactive impression is intense. We notice plum jam aromas,… Read More »Ratafia Pinot Noir

Le ratafia champenois Julien Chopin Pinot blanc est rare et unique en Chamapgne

Ratafia champenois Pinot Blanc

Pinot Blanc Blending : 100% Pinot Blanc Ageing in oak barrel : 2 years The colour of ratafia champenois Julien Chopin Pinot Blanc is a beautiful yellow colour with light copper reflections. First olfactive impression is intense and confirms the visual impression. The richness is present. We immediately… Read More »Ratafia champenois Pinot Blanc