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Ratafia Pinot Noir

Pinot noir ratafia from ratafias champenois Julien Chopin range produced in Champagne

Pinot noir

Blending : 100% Pinot noir in maceration system
Ageing in oak barrel : 2 or 3 years
eye-2The purple colour of this ratafia is intense. Extremely deep, the colour is also ponctuates with red refections.
nose2The first olfactive impression is intense. We notice plum jam aromas, prune and black cherry. After a few seconds, blackberries, rasberries and cacao aromas emerge.
mouth1This ratafia breaks the received ideas about ratafia. With its colour almost black, the ratafia pinot noir offers an exceptional intense and franc aromatic expression.
forkIt a very atypical ratafia, ready to take up any meal challenges : chocolat or red fruits dessert, blue cheeses…

The Pinot noir ratafia can’t be named “ratafia champenois”. Since 2015, the rules of ratafia champenois production have changed. A ratafia produced with a skin contact maceration doesn’t respond to the new specifications set for ratafia champenois production.

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