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Ratafias champenois Julien Chopin

An exceptional range of ratafias champenois Julien Chopin

Produced to highlight particularly the fruit aromas, the ratafias champenois Julien Chopin are expressive, colorful and aromatics.

The particulariy of the range

Our ratafia champenois are created by grape varieties : Meunier, Chardonnay, Pinot noir, Pinot blanc… Some are created with the solera method (champagne version). 
Julien Chopin’s ratafias champenois have an appeal to mixology and gastronomy. They are the delicacy in a cocktail, a surprising food pairing during a meal !

Ratafias champenois Julien Chopin chardonnay in Monthelon by Champagne Julien Chopin
Chardonnay Ratafia champenois
Meunier ratafia champenois  from ratafias champenois Julien Chopin range produced by a winemaker in Monthelon Champagne Julien Chopin
Meunier Ratafia champenois
Pinot noir ratafia from ratafias champenois Julien Chopin range produced in Champagne
Pinot noir
the Ratafia champenois Pinot Blanc
Grandes Années Meunier
Ratafia champenois Grandes Années Chardonnay

A word on the certification

The certification, obtained in 2015, gives the specifications to produce ratafia champenois : geographical area, oenological caracteristics, elaboration, ageing… everything is limited in order to protect this spirit. So, the name of the certification “ratafia champenois” which you can find on the labels means that the product responds to the specifications of the certification and means quality.

Did you know?

Spirit ratafia champenois is the only ratafia in the world which has a certification. Also, it’s the only spirit in the world directly connected to the process of a AOC.

With these rules of production, the point is to improve the quality of the ratafia champenois. It’s a very important work to permit to promote the ratafia champenois out of Champagne region.

Do you want to buy ratafias champenois Julien Chopin ?

You can find all our ratafias champenois on our online shop and you can find also our champagnes.

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