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Ratafia champenois Pinot Blanc

pinot blanc ratafia champenois is produced by Champagne Julien Chopin in Monthelon near Épernay

Pinot Blanc

Blending : 100% Pinot Blanc
Ageing in oak barrel : 2 years
eye-2The colour of ratafia champenois Julien Chopin Pinot Blanc is a beautiful yellow colour with light copper reflections.
nose2First olfactive impression is intense and confirms the visual impression. The richness is present. We immediately notice notes of fresh grape juice. The aeration reveals some pears aromas.
mouth1The first impression in the mouth confirms the pears aromas but also expresses peach and honey. A hint of caramel aromas ponctuates the after-taste.
forkFor a meal, feel free to associate this ratafia champenois with scallops or a pineapple dessert.

The Pinot Blanc ratafia is produced from one of the “forgotten grapes varities” of Champagne. Pinot blanc, Arbonne, Petit meslier, Pinot gros… Here are the names of the “forgotten grapes varities” of Champagne. Thesefour represent less then 0.3% of the Champagne vineyard. But why are they called “forgotten”? Quite simply because they are more fragile and less productive or have a very long maturation. Today, some winemakers are continuing to produce chamapgnes with them. Champagne Julien Chopn decided to use them for ratafia production !

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