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Ratafia champenois Chardonnay

chardonnay ratafia champenois in Monthelon by Champagne Julien Chopin


Blending : 100% Chardonnay
Ageing in oak barrel : 5 years
eye-2The Blending 100% Chardonnay gives to this Ratafia Champenois unique characteristics such as a bright yellow color and freshness. It also symbolizes a revolution in the making process of Ratafia.
nose2The first nose brings a note of candied lemon. If you leave it to breathe you will then smell nut aromas.
mouth1In mouth you feel the sugar and alcohol more intensively. This will bring all its richness to the liquor. The final notes will be towards laurel, and underwood.
forkIt is wonderful to be drank with foie gras, raw salmon or associated with deserts, especially dried fruits deserts or to accompany white flesh fruit such as pear or peach.

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A few years ago, we created a ratafia chardonnay with the solera method. We blend years since 2014. It gives a very complexe ratafia with finest aromas.