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Ratafia champenois Grandes Années Meunier

grandes années meunier ratafia champenois produced by champagne Julien Chopin in Monthelon

Grandes Années Meunier

Blending : 100% Meunier
Ageing in oak barrel : solera system started in 2008
eye-2This Ratafia has a gradation of intense yellow, from mahogany to amber colour with a touch of emerald green reflection. The thick aspect of the wine shows a Ratafia rich and complex.
nose2The first nose reinforce the visual sensation with aromas like candied apple, bitter orange, candied kumquat and evolves toward plum or cherry brandy.
mouth1In the mouth you will feel the strength and richness of flavours. It is well balanced between the caramelized apple acidity and the liqueur flavours that emphasized the intensity of the wine.
forkRatafia Grandes années is an original digestive liqueur that we like to call “conversation ratafia” to enjoy after meals.

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A word on solera method

To know everything about the solera/perpetual reserve method: a new way to understand the wine but definitely not a new method to make it. Indeed, the traditional concept in Champagne is the blending. Vintage, the plots etc, but it goes in total opposition of this rule: making a vintage or what we call a “millésime”.

Every year, we add to our barrel, the most of the year to compensate for the racked wine. However, this method is perfect to educate the young wine  by the oldest one. It’s also a good way to find exactly the same style in ourRatafia champenois Grandes Années Chardonnay in Solera method. “A true guiding principle”. The method provides to our ratafias some body, gluttony and depth. Our spirits are invitations to go back in time, browse through the vintages. In other words, we’re started in 2014, this is 5 harvests, 5 years that you will find in this oak barrels.