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Les Originelles Grand Millesime Brut


Grand Millesime champagne brut

Blending : 60 % Chardonnay, 20% Meunier, 20% Pinot noir
Ageing : 10 years       Dosage : 6,5 grams per liter
eye-2This Champagne has a deep golden color. It expresses the beginning of maturity for this wine. The effervescence, very quiet creates very thin bubbles coming up softly and regularly in order to provide a light ring of bubbles at the surface.
nose2First olfactive impression is subtitle. Some feelings of fruit like apple, pears and spices aromas like vanilla or honey are coming out progressively. After aeration, the nose becomes more complex. Undergrowth, mushroom, bread, cocoa give all its complexity to this champagne.
mouth1The first flavor in mouth is sharp, you feel directly the acidity. But the effervescence is well blended in the wine giving it a creamy and round impression. So the finish is unctuous and soft.It has a long length in mouth and reveals notes of dried fruits and praline.
forkWe advise you to serve this wine around 12-13 °C in a rounded glass to express all his flavours. Ready to drink now it can also age for 5 to 6 more years. The perfect association with food is dishes lobster, Salmon or foie gras.

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