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Adopt vine stocks

With the « Rendez-vous aux Vignes » box, you can adopt vine stocks in Champagne during one year !

Adopt vine stocks in Champagne. Our box “Rendez-vous aux vignes” is a fun, convivial and immersive experience is champagne universe. With us, you’ll discover the evolution of your vine stocks from the grapes to the bottle to become a winemaker apprentice.

How does it work ?

Adopt vine stocks in Champagne region thanks to Champagne Julien Chopin
You choose how many and which kind of vine stocks you want to adopt in the vineyard of Julien Chopin House.
Thanks to rendez-vous aux vignes box, you can adopt vine stocks in Champagne region
You receive a box including different documents about the adoption and informations on how to come discover you vine stocks.
Champagne Julien Chopin propose you to adopt vine stocks in Monthelon next to Épernay in Champagne
You follow your vine stocks evolution thanks to newsletters and learn more about the vines and wine work.
Come to spend a day in Champagne and adopt vine stocks with Champagne Julien Chopin
You come in Champagne to spend an entire day at Champagne Julien Chopin to discover you vine stocks and find out the secrets of champagne production and how to taste it.

Why become a winemaker apprentice and adopt vine stocks?

Adopting vine stocks in Champagne is the occasion to have a unique experience, enter in the prestigious world of champagne and discover a beautiful wine region listed in the UNESCO world heritage.

It’a an original present, for yourself or someone else, for any occasion (wedding, birthday, retirement…) and for everybody, lovers or amateurs.

To discover, visit, taste, share… from vines to bottle, Champagne Julien Chopin offers to the winemaker apprentice a real frendly and fun immersion in the champagne universe.

Do you have a question ?

Contact us at +33(0)3 10 15 36 41 !

« Rendez-vous aux Vignes » boxes :