march receipe soft boiled eggs Champagne Julien Chopin Non classé

March : food pairing of the month

Soft-boiled egg and lard asparagus

Receipe by Katia au Pays des Gourmands


  • fresh eggs
  • asparagus
  • thin slices of bacon
  • black salt of Hawaï


Boil eggs during 3 minutes.

Peel the asparagus, rinse it and cook it in a pressure-cooker. The asparagus have to stay al dente.

When they are cooked, roll them with the slices of bacon and cook them in a very hot pan.

For the tasting, put some black salt on the eggs.

We propose you our Grand Millésime with this receipe

Cuvée Carte noire Brut nature du Champagne Julien Chopin Non classé

Lights on Carte Noire

A nature champagne

Carte noire

The Carte Noire champagne is a brut nature champagne. It means that we don’t add any sugar during the disgorging.

Our cuvée Carte Noire is a 100% Meunier champagne which goes wonderfully with oysters, sea food and soft fish.

Don’t hesitate to check the tasting notes.

Dégustation de vins clair pour a création des champagnes au domaine Julien Chopin Non classé

Still wines tasting

A key time

The blending process at the heart of Champagne winemaking plays on the diversity of nature, combining wines from different crus (growths), different grape varieties and different years.
By combining wines with different sensory characteristics (colours, aromas, flavours) the Champagne maker looks to create a wine that is greater than the sum of its parts – one with a carefully balanced harmony of notes in which no one note is dominant. The ultimate objective is the same today as it has always been: to create a sense of balance that is not found naturally and could not exist without human intervention.


Un pied de vigne après la taille au Champagne Julien Chopin, vigneron près d'Épernay Non classé

The pruning season

Pruning is really important

Since the begining of the year, we do the pruning in our vines in order to prepare the new life-cycle of our vine stocks. The pruning in Champagne begin just after the leaf-fall.

There are four approved pruning methods: Chablis system, Guyot system, Vallée de la Marne system, Cordon system. In the Champagne Julien Chopin, we use the Chablis system.

The first purpose of pruning is to encourage the sap to flow toward the fruit-bearing buds. The buds require an even distribution of sap for vigorous growth but excess sap may compromise productivity. Ideally, there should be a good balance of vigour and productivity – two conflicting requirements that are not easily reconciled.