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Les Classiques Carte d’or Brut


Carte D’Or champagne brut

Blending : 100% Chardonnay
Ageing : 3 years       Dosage : 7 grams per liter
eye-2Yellow-lemon color with green glints is intense and declares a mature and adult wine. The effervescence is soft and composed of small bubbles providing a light white string.
nose2First nose confirms the visual sensation, melted butter, candied pomelo and cooked honey.
mouth1The flavour in the mouth is soft and accompanied by a subdued effervescence.
In the mouth, the honey dominates and the freshness is balanced with just enough vinosity without heaviness.
Neither the effervescence, ratherdiscreet, nor the dose, just perceptible will trouble this nature. At the end, this freshness reappears and also a good minerality and some notes of candied citrus fruit. The aromatic persistence is very interesting (8 seconds) and adds to the strained character of the wine.
forkBecause of acidity and the minerality of the wine, it should be served with sea products. In order to accentuatethe creamy texture and the mature aromas of the wine, choose creamy or butter sauces to accompany the dishes.

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