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Les Originelles Blanc de Rosé Premier cru Brut


Blanc de Rosé champagne Premier cru brut

Blending : 90% chardonnay 1er Cru, 10% of red wine from Champagne Pinot noir Grand Cru
Ageing : 2 years       Dosage : 7 grams per liter
eye-2The Champagne reveals a singular and strong raspberry pink hue, with ruby red highlights and violet shades. His delicate foam is powered by very fine and light bubbles that feed delicate cordon round the edge of the glass.
nose2First nose is delightfully embodied by red heady rose scent, mingled with scents of raspberry cream, peppermint. When aerated it evolves towards greedy notes of pomegranate, pink grapefruit, cherries.
mouth1The approach in the palate is soft and fresh with a creamy effervescence.
The Champagne develops into silky and round density of ripe red and black fruits with a tender caress of floral scent. Balance is sustained thanks to fresh acidity and a clay-limestone minerality giving vinosity precision. Champagne finishes with fruity richness and floral delicacy providing us plenty of positives sensual vibrations.
forkCuvée Blanc de Rosé is seducer Champagne that will be a guest for your one to one romantic moments as well as greedy and spicy foods. It can be served at temperatures from 9°C to 11°C (48, 2°F to 51, 8°F) with our following suggestions of culinary pairings : sardines, red mullet baked in oiled foil, violet artichokes and fennel Tuna unilateral cooked.

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