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Oenotourim Term of service

Oenotourism activities terms of service at Domaine Julien Chopin

art.1 : BOOKING

The activities of Domaine Julien Chopin can be booked on line on website or by phone or by email.

If a quote has been drawn, a signed copy has to be send back to the Domaine Julien Chopin before the end of the booking phase.

The paiement of the booking means that you agree with these terms of service connected to the quotation.


The payment is made online, by cheque payable to « Champagne Julien Chopin », by bank transfer to « EARL Julien Chopin » or by cash.

If it’s a sevice for a company, tour operator, incoming agency or association… with an invoice sent after the service, it must be payed at invoice reception.

Art.3 : PRICE

All prices are in euros per user and exclusive VAT.


Each booked service can be cancelled by the customer 24 hours befort the day of the visit at the latest, by phone +33(0)310153641 or by email :

The service will be refunded.

For any cancellation made less then 24 hours before the time of the service begining and/or in case of a no show, The Domaine Julien Chopin reserves the right to claim the payment of the service OR keeps the totality of the payment is the service has been payed in advance.

In the case of the booking has been made by several persons and one or several participant doesn’t attend the tour visit departure without advising Domaine Julien Chopin 24h before, the amount of the whole booking will be claimed.

In the case of the quote has been drawn and it mentions a price per person, and in the case of the number of participant the day of the service would be less then the amount on the quote without advising the Domaine Julien Chopin 24h before ,the amount of the whole booking will be claimed.


In case of unavailability, the Domaine Julien Chopin commits to propose you an alternative date. If any substitution date can be booked and you’ve already paid the service, it’ll be refunded.

Art.6 : DELAY

The time of the activity has to be observed. Any delay has to be notice by phone or email. In the case of the activity is made for several persons, the departure time will be observed.

If it’s a private tour and there is a delay, the tour will be shortened connected to the delay.


In case of interruption of the service by the customer, the servie will be due and no refund will be made.


If you buy a gift card, you have to pay the payment of the amount corresponding to the choosen service.

The gift card beneficiary will have to book his activity.

The period of validity of the gift card is valid one year from date of purchase. Any booking made before the expiry date will be taken in account even for a booking after the expiry date. Any booking made after the expiry date won’t be accepted.