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Les Originelles Blanc de Noirs Extra Brut

Blanc de noirs champagne from the originelles Julien Chopin range produced by Champagne Julien Chopin in Monthelon

Blanc de Noirs champagne Extra-Brut

Blending : 60 % Pinot Noir and 40 % Pinot Meunier
Ageing process : 3 years Dosage : liquor at 3,5 g/l
eye-2Yellow golden color, lightly pink, is quite deep and develops an extremely thin effervescence which gavies a crystalline impression. The general presentation is appetizing and typical of the Wines of champagne marked by the Pinots.
nose2First olfactive impression is very discreet. A small touch of hazelnut and a feeling of bread – «baguette» on a note of cherry are emphasized. Then, the aeration enables the wine to express itself.
The wine is blooming in a floral and warming context, mixed with some notes remembering the ripe wheat, the anise and the musk.
mouth1The first impression in the mouth is dynamic, stressed by the real acidity, a tonic sparkling and the lack of sensation of dosage. After this first part, the wine makes us appreciate its structure. From the second part of the tasting, the chalky mineral appears. A feeling of natural balance, of precision, purity, truth is coming out until the end.
forkAperitif time will be the ideal time to appreciate this Cuvee, today, as in five to ten years. If we would like to add something to eat, some salt biscuits or some pieces of cured ham will be perfect.

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