Session & Tasting

Have you heard about this important part of the champagne making process? Would you be a part of it? Combining wines from different crus, different grape varieties and different years needs a lot of talents. We hope you will be our next winemakers at the Champagne Julien Chopin during the WORKSHOP N°5.

After understanding how we do blending of still wines, it’s extremely fascinating to note what is the purpose of the step. Discover the complexity of a range, by enjoying a tasting of 3 delicate champagnes. You will also have the pleasure to taste 2 ratafias champenois. Another local product which made famous our House. Julien Chopin Champagne House in Monthelon (nearby Epernay) is open all along the year for our visitors. This is your chance to discover a small winegrower range. Please, understand the reservation is required for WORKSHOP N°5. Purchase your tickets here.

If you think that it’s a little bit to much, and you prefer to perfect your tasting faculties, you should have a look on our WORKSHOP N°4. With the 101 course “How to taste wine“, wine as spirits will have no more secrets for you.  If you don’t have much time and want to do more a quick tasting, we advice you to the WORKSHOP N°1.

Our domain

Our domain has been present in the village of Monthelon since 1947. It’s at 6 km from Epernay, Capital of Champagne. The vineyard is based on the Coteaux Sud d’Epernay, where Meunier is all over (in the villages of Monthelon, Mancy and Moussy). It’s also in the Cote des Blancs: slopes of Chardonnay (in the villages of Chouilly, Cuis and Grauves). We grow our vines in the Champagne and Ratafia traditional’s methods while practicing a system of supervised growing techniques for treatments, in order to protect the environment. Discover precisely all the secrets about the WORKSHOP N°4 at the Champagne Chopin House. Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

The range

What’s change from a big house of champagne tasting from prominent brands that you could find in supermarkets. They cultivate the virtue of sparkling, and that’s it. As a matter of fact, it’s brilliant for your Instagram account, but we can do the same and do way more! Champagnes winemakers will be however much more interesting for the amateurs! Our range focused on the origin of the grapes used to make the different cuvees. So we will represent on the qualities of the soil from which they come: Grand Cru, Premier Cru… or the villages of origin. The goal is to understand each terroir, each grape variety, each vintage and the footprint that they left into the wines.

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